Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feb 2010

My theme right now is to work hard at taking another path then whats comfortable. I want to stretch myself even just a little past my comfort zone and risk change, newness, and the unfamiliar. I have so much fear that I carry around daily but I know how to do this and I know my tolerance level very well so I know just where to stop. I am feeling stagnant, and stuck I need to walk a different path, take some risks,do something different and have faith that I will still get there whereever "there" may be. A simple plan , yet very scary.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I started my BJP a little early(over the xmas holiday) because I was so happy to get all the snow we were getting. It was so beautiful. A Christmas just like the storybooks talk about. A white pristine blanket of snow, fluffy, sparkly and cold. I loved it so I got all my white, clear, and blueish beads about and started working eagerly. Well, that didn't last long because it then got so cold and icy here in MN. We have had a horrible winter so far, along with the rest of the country. So I lost my energy and I believe it shows. But I'm OK with that. Its pure survival here. The fabric is a swatch that Robin sent me. I thought it was perfect for the piece.

Friday, August 28, 2009


With August I wanted to get all things I love in one scene. I still think of Yellowstone because it has mountains, water, flowers rock that all just fit together. Sometimes there is turbulence, sometimes there is calm. But there is always beauty. We have to stop and put some space between ourselves and the object so we can possibly understand it and not be so afraid. If we can remov ourselves from the muck we can see beauty. Im thankful for this. Im at a very early stage of understanding this so my writing isnt totally clear but Im moving forward and with this I can feel "The Sunlight of the Spirit".

July: The Wren

Though I like the theme of my July piece I couldnt really figure out how to portray art wise so I feel its rather childlike. I decided to leave it though since simplicity is kind of my subject matter. I had a pair of wrens that were kind enough to nest in my front yard. We really had to readjust our front yard activities to avoid their house and not disturb them-believe me they let us know if we got to close. I became very vigilant every day to check on their progress. I saw how hard they work to raise a family. My ultimate thrill was going to be watching the babies fledge. One morning I went out with my coffee to watch and to my surprise they were all gone. It was totally quiet. I was really disappointed but also thought about how I was able to stop and listen to their song which is very powerful for a small bird, hear their chattered scolding, and just get out of my head for a time. I feel really honored that they chose my yard. I really learned from it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

June 09

In keeping with my theme of feeling the "Sunlight of the Spirit" I was feeling huge respect and appreciation for rain, something we here in St. Paul have not had much of. I eventually decided to do a piece in green representing all things in my garden-fragrance, flowers , foliage and growth. As I was beading I started tuning in to feelings inside of me that felt calm, quiet, content, satisfied . ..It was strangely unfamiliar but felt it was very important to stay with it and not be afraid . So this piece is called GROWTH because I do in fact notice a change.

Friday, July 17, 2009