Sunday, March 2, 2008

This is something Ive been working on personally for some time now. The 2 Gingko leaves represent the 2 sides of me. The upper leaf being the young,playful part. The lower leaf being the tough,layered dense texture that you cant possibly get to. Very protective. Im feeling like I dont need that as much anymore. I could remove the spikes certainly. But one step at a time, right? I really like this piece,I think its my favorite.


I was just really feeling like doing a piece with orange and blue. I love that combination. I started with the orange curve and it grew from there. I was walking to my car one day and found this bottlecap in the street. thus the title A Little Blue.

Three additional pieces

I did this right after my son got married. I felt so relieved that I finally had time to bead something that wasnt for the wedding. I quickly found a scrap and just got beading. I think it reflects freedom. Unfortunatly it was short lived (time that is).