Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is an early piece. It came out looking like a bird so-its a bird, a very colorful bird. Really not much meaning for me.
I found a fabric with the word "rejuvinate". I put it in this piece but it got covered up. I just had fun with the colors. I used ruffles again.Again with the orange.


This was an early piece and again was just playing. I have this way of cleaning up my bead tray. I pick up whats on it from other projects and just go. This is what happened with it. It reminds me of a brain. I do not have any deep thoughts on this. It just helps me escape from the committee in my head.


I have just been playing with colors that make me feel good. Orange is pleasing me and I also was experimenting with ruffles and the green swirls. I like where the dragonfly landed accidentally.