Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feb 2010

My theme right now is to work hard at taking another path then whats comfortable. I want to stretch myself even just a little past my comfort zone and risk change, newness, and the unfamiliar. I have so much fear that I carry around daily but I know how to do this and I know my tolerance level very well so I know just where to stop. I am feeling stagnant, and stuck I need to walk a different path, take some risks,do something different and have faith that I will still get there whereever "there" may be. A simple plan , yet very scary.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

I started my BJP a little early(over the xmas holiday) because I was so happy to get all the snow we were getting. It was so beautiful. A Christmas just like the storybooks talk about. A white pristine blanket of snow, fluffy, sparkly and cold. I loved it so I got all my white, clear, and blueish beads about and started working eagerly. Well, that didn't last long because it then got so cold and icy here in MN. We have had a horrible winter so far, along with the rest of the country. So I lost my energy and I believe it shows. But I'm OK with that. Its pure survival here. The fabric is a swatch that Robin sent me. I thought it was perfect for the piece.