Saturday, June 20, 2009

May 09 My May piece was an experiment for me. This tulip was in my garden this spring. It was one of the last tulips to bloom. I just loved the colors of this tulip. It just grabbed me with just the right shade of pink with just the right shade of yellow. I was just captivated by its beauty,stunning. I took pictures of it one day and became aware of how by looking at it I was able to think about just the flower, nothing else. I had a quiet mind for even a couple minutes. I have to work hard at being mindful so if it happens without trying I better pay attention. I decided I would do my May BJP on this tulip.. Because of this tulip I was able to feel the Sunlight of the Spirit . For this Im grateful. I dont usually like yellows so I had to shop for just the right yellow and just the right pink. I painted my fabric with the colors I needed and had a beautiful pink and yellow ribbon that I found in my stash of ribbons. Its not a tulip but a representation of something beautiful.