Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Close-ups for your viewing pleasure.
I am finally able to have someone help me post. My pieces this year are a theme. I am a recovering alcoholic. I have 14 years of sobriety. This year I decided to focus on a line I really love that is in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous On page 66. It says that when harboring feelings of anger and resentment we block ourselves from the "Sunlight of the Spirit". So I am doing my pieces an things that I feel gratitude or appreciation for. I hope that this in turn will encourage me to feel more peaceful within.

This is my September piece. My husband and I went to Yellowstone and I was just in awe of its beauty...I found this piece of hand dyed silk in my stash and it reminded me of yellowstone. So off I went with my theme. Im really happy with it. I found myself feeling excited to work on it each day. .

Below is my October piece. We took my motherin law on a long drive of the leaves 2 weeks ago and it was so beautiful. The reds were spectacular. Ferne was just so thrilled to see the beauty on a sunny day. The sun filtered through them. I have found that hearing her reactions to things I take for granted helps me appreciate them. I learn a lot from her. She is 91 and fairly housebound so she loves getting out with us to see even the every day of the world. This is why I decided to work with only autumn colors. There isnt really a shape to it but it did turn out to resemble a cottonwood leaf. Funny how that works.

This is a piece I did for my sister Wendy.

My sister wanted me to do three pieces for her. This is it finished and I backed it on a piece of wet felting that just asked for it. So here it is finished.