Sunday, September 30, 2007

June piece

This is my first piece. I was kind of loose about it because of time restrictions. I found some silk from a kimono that I used,and a bracelet that I made that I didn't like. I was kind of cleaning house in my bead stash since I never throw anything away and this is what I came up with.


Robin said...

This one makes me think of a pathway through some sort of confusion. What was going on in June for you... do you remember?

You know how I am about improvisational beadwork... I always think there's a message in it... a message from one's heart.

freebird said...

I didn't read Robin's self portrait correctly at all but I thought this was a bracelet as soon as I saw it! I don't wear the jewelry I make so maybe I should try sewing it into pictures too. In fact a plaid of woven bracelets actually sounds quite interesting. I love getting ideas from the blogs I come across.