Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is the first piece I was actually thinking of a topic. I am working on some personal issues around surrendering. I am not very fond of blues so I figured I should do a piece with all blue so I could stretch my comfort level. My husband was looking at it and saw turbulence-hence the name. I wish I could say "there,I surrender" . I need to do more on this topic-but it is a start right?



This is also a piece that I had unfinished. I am happy to be finishing these works. I feel like I am putting things in order.

June piece

This is my first piece. I was kind of loose about it because of time restrictions. I found some silk from a kimono that I used,and a bracelet that I made that I didn't like. I was kind of cleaning house in my bead stash since I never throw anything away and this is what I came up with.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Improv Bead Embroidery

These are some earlier pieces that Ive done. They don't have a purpose yet but I have them in a special place for when there purpose comes up. They could be a card, purse, box.

Some of my Bead Embroidery work

I have always liked purses ever since I was small, so it was only natural that when I started to bead I would use them on purses. I like vintage cloth and often use it for the lining of them. I don't use patterns and they are pretty simple in design. The focus is on the bead work. They are getting more collage like now and this is so exciting to me because the sky is the limit as to what I can put in the design.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I was in an art show last spring and these are a few of my pieces that I had for sale.

This is one of my collage necklaces,using several different colors and shapes.

My first post

I am just learning to write a post. Here is a free form peyote bracelet I made a couple of years ago.

I really like the gold beads with the coral . I have made several free form pieces because I never know how they will turn out.