Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some Close-ups for your viewing pleasure.


Tracey N. said...

Congratulations not only on your piece, but on your years of sobriety! Good for you. Love what this represents. I think your theme for this year is very moving. Good luck and keep up the great job!

Jacquie said...

Very nice. I see lots of cool stitches and beautiful colors in your pieces. Aren't you lucky to have Robin as a sister-in-law! I also like your thoughts behind them as well. Go girl on the sobriety!!!

Sabine said...

I love the cascades of colours and the strong movement.

Congratulations on the 14 years of sobriety! Shows your will power and strength of personality.

Best wishes,

Brenda said...

You are such an inspiration!
I can't help but believe after a year of focusing/beading on the beautiful aspects of life you will find the peace you deserve.
I am honored to call you my friend.

Plays with Needles said...

Julie, I really loved the pieces that you posted today. The colors are great and there is lots of movement -- I am looking forward to seeing more of your gratitude journal this year. Your trip with Ferne sounded really lovely -- it's so nice that you see how much there is to learn from older folks. So many others discount them.

soe said...

Working with addicted people I know a little bit about your struggle. 14 years: that is amazing!
I also like the point of view you are taking with your grattitude pieces: what is there to thank for instead of what don't I have.
I think the pieces are beautifull, and not only the BJP ones. I bookmarked your blog to come back again and see more. Thank you and good luck!