Sunday, January 25, 2009

January Work

This month my subject is on authenticity, or being" true to my heart".. The tip starts with the white -being my true self. As I go along in my day I get involved with all the negative self talk, or the shoulds or the shouldnts, or the too high expectations, or the Im so specials...I then find myself totally spinning out of control. Im agitated, anxious, name it. Eventually I become aware of what Im doing and make a decision to change what Im doing and take a deep breath, watch my thoughts and realize what my values are.I know I have learned the tools to get back to my authentic self which is the bottom part of the heart(the white section). I do not always do this but I try, try, try. Thats the beauty of a 12 step program-its a continuous process. I always have the option. So here is "be true to my heart".

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hi there everyone. Ive finished my Dec. piece. Being that it was the xmas month I thought of giving -mostly of myself rather than an item. In Alcohlics Anonymous we have a pledge that many mtgs open or close to. Its called the responsibility pledge. It is"If anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hands of AA always to be there. For that I am responsible. Its really how AA works. We give to others and we get the benefit of helping others as well as helping ourselves by getting out of ourselves. In busy lives its hard to do this but in my opinion its what makes the world go round. Have a peaceful 2009 everyone. Julie

More on this piece later...