Sunday, March 7, 2010

Feb 2010

My theme right now is to work hard at taking another path then whats comfortable. I want to stretch myself even just a little past my comfort zone and risk change, newness, and the unfamiliar. I have so much fear that I carry around daily but I know how to do this and I know my tolerance level very well so I know just where to stop. I am feeling stagnant, and stuck I need to walk a different path, take some risks,do something different and have faith that I will still get there whereever "there" may be. A simple plan , yet very scary.


pam ehlers stec said...

Hey there Julie!

This turned out really fabulous! I love all the pretty orange flowers clustered up at the top. I am constantly amazed at how wonderfully textural your bead work is. Your beautiful bead work always conveys a sense of improvisational freedom and I really admire that. Though you may struggle with your fears in day to day life, I feel like you approach your beading with a sense of fearlessness and purpose. Again, it's something that I greatly admire about you. Great work, Julie!

Sabine said...

Hi Julie,

I haven't visited your blog for quite some time now. Having returned, I can assure you that I am still a great fan of the way you deal with bead embroidery!!

Best regards,

Val said...

Hi Julie,
I have been trying to find somewhere to leave a message and have looked on all your blogs - you do amazing beadwork - just fabulous. The dexterity in your fingers and your eyesight must be first rate! From this post I am commenting on, it certainly looks to me as if you took the right path! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment - much appreciated. Val